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The word counter and letter counter will automatically count the number of characters, words, and paragraphs in your text. This is great for social media posts and essays. To get started, simply type or paste your text input below.

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The Benefits of Using a Word Counter Online

A word counter online is a handy tool for determining how many words are in a document. It will also count the number of characters and spaces used in a sentence. The tool also provides helpful tips for improving your content. It can identify writing mistakes and highlight frequently used keywords. It also offers an Auto-Save option so that any changes made to your content are saved when you leave the site or return to it later. In addition, you can bookmark the word counter's page for future use.

Many legal proceedings and school projects limit the number of words or characters you can use. Using a word counter online provides you with clarity about your word count, which may be a necessary part of a project or a legal proceeding. It may also help you to know whether you can edit or add words without exceeding the word count. Some word counters also let you copy and paste text.

Another benefit of using an online word counter is that it allows you to quickly and easily check the word count of a PDF document. By uploading the PDF file to the website, you'll be able to see how many words are in your document. The word counter will process the text in the same way, and will provide the results quickly.